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NNN Properties For 1031 Real Estate Exchange



Make solid investments by investing in NNN properties for your 1031 Real Estate Exchange


Instead of investing in stocks and bonds , many investors consider investing in single tenants NNN properties better and safer option. This better option can give maximum ROI (Return over Investment) without any hassle. Besides this, there is negligible chance of lease default as such properties are leased out to good credit rating corporations. We work with corporate tenants with good and standard credit ratings assigned by renowned credit rating agencies such as A.M. Best, Dun & Bradstreet and Standard & Poor's. 


At Triple Net Investment Group, We specialize in the sale of  NNN Properties  mainly single tenant for 1031 real estate exchange in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and nationwide. We focus on providing high quality 1031 exchange replacement properties nationally.  NNN properties are highly beneficial to the owners. They do not have to manage and maintain the property. They even do not have to pay for insurance and taxes, because the tenants handle all these responsibilities. Tenant will work as the second owner of the property and will look after everything like repairing roof, removing all trash, cleaning the parking lot, repairing the parking lot, handling the maintenance of the landscaping, taking care of plumbing problems, paying  for all electricity taxes, insurance etc. He/she is also supposed to pay the rent of the building to the property owner within the specified time. Thus, landlord are free from the hassles of maintaining or repairing the building.



With our years of experience in various  single tenants properties  , we are able to help the clients to avoid the risk involve in net lease properties. Our experts assist the clients with our effective business strategy. We assist clients to examine tenant’s business, financial status,  debt to equity ratios, operating margins, stability of management and many more. Our clients are provided with all these details before they actually purchase a property from the sellers. Therefore, confirmation of business success and its future is very important to ensure uninterrupted cash flow in landlord’s account for long-term.

Some topnotch benefits of investment in  nnn properties  and single tenant properties:

  • Landlords exempted from payment of property taxes and insurance coverage policy. 
  • No property management and maintenance expenses for landlords. 
  • Assure ROI (  Return over Investment) and hassle free cash flow. 
  • Assure rent on time as per the agreement signed by tenants. 
  • No tension in case of property rates decrease in market. 
  • No tension for frequent tenant change. 
  • NNN properties are easily transferable to the heir in the future. 
  • Negligible lease default and many more…. 

Investment in nnn properties is one of the best options of commercial real estate investments. If you are planning to invest in solid nnn properties, you should trust the most competent service provider, Triple Net Investment Group.  We deal with net leased properties in various locations of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia and nationwide. With the seamless expertise and assistance of our experts, many clients have invested in solid nnn properties. Our clients include  reits, funds, insurance companies, property managers, investors, and developers. We specialize in single tenants properties and other commercial investment properties. Our experts are dedicated to provide the best possible services for the utmost benefits of clients.

We have years of experience in this industry and hence, we are able to understand the different needs and expectations of different clients and individuals.  To expand and ease our client’s search of NNN properties,  nnn retail investments  and commercial properties, we work with reliable developers,  commercial real estate brokers, reits, and sellers of nnn properties. All these are possible with the combination of first hand practical knowledge and years of unlimited experiences in this service sector.  

Why work with Triple Net Investment Group in your transactions:

  • We deal with almost all sort of  NNN corporate tenants 
  • We provide the latest and authentic market information about nnn properties.  
  • Specialize in sale of NNN single tenant retail properties and Shopping centers.  
  • We have access to extensive  list of nnn properties for sale.   
  • Partnered with leading commercial real estate agencies.  
  • One-stop-shop for different needs of different clients.  
  • We maximize property value and appreciation with our specific strategies.   
  • Professional services at attractive price range.  
  • Ensure client’s satisfaction, on time service and more…  

NNN properties are described to be a very lucrative real estate investments today. A triple net or NNN property means that the tenant or the lessee will be responsible for all of the maintenance and repairs of the property, and payment for all taxes and insurance requirements.  In net lease properties, landlords do not have to pay property taxes, insurance coverage premiums and maintenance charges. In short the landlords are exempted from almost all the financial expenses and property management responsibilities. In NNN leases roof and building structure maintenance is also included in the agreement signed amongst the tenant and landlords. Therefore, landlords will keep receiving fixed amount of rent consistently without any tension and stress.  

So, become the client of trustworthy, experienced and professional service provider, NNNIG to enjoy our entire extraordinary services and facilities at amazing price range. If you have any query or want to know more about us and our services, you can either give us a call or drop an email. We will response as swiftly as possible to clarify your doubts. Client’s satisfaction is our priority.


Are you looking for a specific location or tenant?

At Solid NNN, We pride ourselves in excellent client service. We have access to an extensive inventory of triple net single tenant properties for sale and contacts to find you exactly what you are looking for such as:   7- Eleven Advance Auto Parts Applebee’s,  Autozone Bank of America  ,  BB&T Best Buy Bed Bath & Beyond BP Burger King Chase Bank Chevron Chili’s Citibank Costco CVS Dollar General DaVita , Exxon Mobil FedEx Food Lion Foot Locker Gap Goodyear Home Depot Jack in the Box JC Penney Jiffy Lube Key Bank KFC Kindercare Kmart , Kohl’s Lowe’s McDonald ,   Nordstrom Office Depot Office Max Olive Garden Pep Boys PetSmart Pizza Hut PNC Bank Popeyes RBC Bank Regal Rite Aid Ross Stores Ruby Tuesdays Safeway Sears Staples Starbucks Shell Oil Taco Bell Target T-Mobile Verizon Wachovia Walgreen Wal-Mart Wells Fargo Wendy’s Whole Foods , and many more. 






Corporate Tenant Credit Ratings

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Market Analysis

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Call or e-mail us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We know of properties for sale that aren't listed or advertised.

Email: info@nnndeals.com  Tel:    202-361-3050   


We strive hard to provide clients with quality costumer service

We provide our clients with all of the information they need upfront to make an informed decision, even before a Letter of Intent is issued such as: tenant credit information, store sales, lease terms, options, renewal rates, rent escalations, location analysis, site analysis, market analysis, demographic data, cash on cash returns on investment, internal rate of returns after taxes, risks, likes, dislikes and so on. We will then strategies how to proceed on making a best offer. It is our goal to build a solid relationship with our clients and keep them updated on net lease investments, even though they may not have a need for years to come.


We markets our listings locally, nationally and internationally

NNNIG difference is a concept that is revolutionary in the commercial real estate brokerage business. In addition to marketing our deals to potential investors, We markets our listings to the entire brokerage community. We put our listings directly in front of thousands of commercial real estate agents in each state, region and local where the property is located. 


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Please contact us if you are buying or selling a net leased property. We get results.  Email: info@nnndeals.com

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